Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One other funny.

Here is another little funny, but true story, which I tell at the expense of my friend Amy. Friday night we went out for some dinner and to an art museum. As we wandered around the museum we came across one of these bizarre "modern" concoctions that pass as art. It was some awful looking backyard occupied by Yoda from Star Wars, Col. Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame, Mickey Mouse and Betty Boop (pictured here).

As we walked past the painting I said to Amy: "I saw one of those characters from the painting in person."

Without giving it much thought she replied: "Which one?"

That actually threw for a moment but I realized she was serious and hadn't thought of what she said. So I said: "Which one do you think it was?"

At this point she looked at the painting again and she realized the hilarity of her answer since only one of the characters had ever been a real person. But it did give us about two minutes of laughing. And if we can laugh just two minutes a day then life is worth living.