Sunday, March 29, 2009

What the fuck!

It's been a while since we have featured the moralistic antics that tend to go on in the Theocratic State of Texas. It is time to make up that short-coming with this bizarre story.

Kathryn Fridge, 29, of La Marque, Texas was shopping at Wal-Mart with her mother. In a conversation between the two women Kathryn said "fuck." Her sentiments were understandable. A tropical storm warning had been issued and she and her mother were looking to buy batteries. But they found that the shelves had already been picked clean. In response to this unfortunate turn of events, Ms. Fridge expressed dismay by saying that the batteries were "fucking gone."

Now Capt. Alfred Decker, moralistic buttwipe and La Marque assistant fire marshal, steps in and decides that because he gets to wear a uniform that he can issue a citation to Ms. Fridge for "disorderly conduct." Keep in mind that Capt. Asshole was issuing a citation, and arresting the woman, while a Tropical Storm was bearing down on the city. Apparently this moronic twat had nothing better to do in the realm of public safety than arrest women for saying "fuck" in his sainted presence. Decker appears to be one of those thugs who likes throwing his weight around and bossing people. The Galveston News says he has "fallen upon people for such things as playing music too loudly in their cars." Decker got in a fight with one man, who is now charged with assault, when Decker started lecturing him about the loudness of his music.

In fact, it appears that Decker arrested Fridge because she stood up for herself. Decker's fire chief, Todd Zacheri said, "If she would have said, 'yes, sir,' there would have been no problem and she would have been able to walk off." But the Galveston Daily News notes: "One of the great things about being an American is that we don't have to say 'yes sir' everytime a government employee speaks to us: we can talk back to authority." In principle true, In practice cops have assaulted a lot of people for questioning their "authorita."

It also appears that like many moralistic busybodies Decker is a hypocrite, actually I should say, fucking hypocrite. It appears that Decker himself once got in trouble for screaming foul language at a man in front of the man's little girl. Fridge's remarks were not said int he presence of a child unless you count the childish antics of Mr. Decker.

In a previous incident Capt. Asshole Decker was on fireworks patrol on New Year's Eve when he ordered Damien Hill out of his car. "[Hill] accused Decker of failing to identify himself, ordering him from his car, placing him in a headlock and forcing his head on the hood." Mr Hill said, "He was chocking the shit out of me, and I wasn't fixing to die that night." According to Hill, "I didn't have my music on, and my windows were rolled up."

Fire Chief Zacheri claims that "Decker is the city's code enforcement officer, who routinely encounters rude residents who refuse to cut their grass and remove trash from their property and generally object to Decker's dedication to neighborhood preservation." God, this Decker sounds like one big twat who really does get his rocks off by ordering people about on the great inconsequentials of life. No doubt he has illusions that he is some great protector of the law but what he is is a meddling, petty-minded bureaucrat that would do the world a favor if he chocked on his breakfast. Consider what he does for a living: he arrests people for swearing, hassles people who he says are playing their music, in their car, too loud, and orders people to cut their grass. I'm surprised this jerk hasn't been shot yet.

Decker threatened Stephen Taylor and screamed obscenities at him and said he would assault the man, in front of the man's child. This had nothing to do with Decker's normally annoying, petty duties at all. Decker was, in fact, dating the man's ex-wife. And the dispute was over that. Decker approached the man's vehicle, while the man's daughter was in the front seat.

In an aapparent domestic dispute, Stephen Taylor complained to Dickinson police and a League City justice of the peace, accusing Decker of threatening him with profane language within earshot of Taylor’s frightened 9-year-old daughter.
According to the affidavit, Decker and Taylor’s ex-wife were dating at the time. Taylor had no comment. A message left for Decker at his office wasn’t returned. Decker has no public telephone listing. A judge on Aug. 29, 2007, issued an arrest warrant for Decker on a Class B misdemeanor terroristic threat charge. Bond for Decker was set at $1,000. In the affidavit, Decker is accused of placing his head and arms inside Taylor’s truck, while his daughter, a passenger, had her head between her knees, crying and shaking. Taylor’s affidavit states: “(Decker) was calling me a ‘chicken s—, mother f---. Get out and I will beat your ass.”
Apparently Decker was guilty. He paid $263, was put on 180 days probation "and was ordered to have no contact with Taylor." After Decker paid his fine and finished the probation the charges were dismissed because he "abided by the court's guidelines." The Galveston paper says that at least a dozen people called the paper complaining about Decker and his heavy-handed tactics but most were afraid to allow their identity to be revealed.

Throughout the articles I've read Fire Chief Zacheri seems to have a real crush on Decker. All he has to say about the man is loving, wonderful things. He completely defends the moron's actions even for arresting the woman who said "fucking." Zacheri argues: "You just can't go off swearing and hollering. You just can't do it." Actually moron, read the First Amendment. It gives everyone the fucking right to say fucking even to fucking assholes like Decker who can be reached at Don't expect an answer, he's refusing to speak to the media. Apparently he doesn't like to speak to anyone he can't arrest and threaten.

It sounds to me like Mr. Decker is just a bully who needs to be taken down several notches. Actually he needs to be laid off.

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