Thursday, April 02, 2009

Yes, they are Travel Nazis.

Here is exactly how the Travel Nazis from Homeland Security treat people. It is NOT a crime to carry $4,700 in cash. Yet the Travel Nazis demand, from this young man, that he answer any question they put to him about his private business. They arrest him and threaten to take him to the police station for not answering questions which he is not legally required to answer. They swear at him, they yell at him and they threaten him. They tell him that he is a "suspicious person" merely because he asks them which questions he is required to answer by law. They told him he was not required to answer these questions but would be taken "forcibly" to a police station where they promised he would be interrogated by the DEA, FBI and others.

This is what George Bush gave America—a police state where individual rights are no longer respected. And Obama is too busy imposing a fascist economic agenda to worry about the fascist agenda on civil liberties. Between what Bush did and what Obama is doing freedom may well be snuffed out completely. This is one reason that many tourists have stopped visiting the United States and airlines, that had stop-overs in the US, now fly to Canada instead—foreigners on flights are treated far worse than American citizens.

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