Saturday, June 20, 2009

An astounding sense of entitlement.

I have long felt that many American police officers do not see themselves as being bound by the same laws of decency and morality that bind the rest of us. They too often believe that they are above the law, that they are better than the rest of us, that they are entitled to obedience because of their lordly status.

Consider an unnamed police officer from Denver, Colorado as an example of this mental aberration that infects too many "law enforcement" officers. The officer, lets call him Officer Cartman so he has a name, went to a McDonald's in Aurora, Colorado. Officer Cartman was off-duty and outside his home jurisdiction.

Officer Cartman was with another off-duty Denver policeman and they drove up to the drive-thru window and placed an order.

Lord Cartman was angry when he got to the pick-up window because he thought his food was taking too long. He then decided to throw his "authoritah" around. He flashed his police bag and then pulled a gun on the clerk. He pointed the gun inside the drive-thru window in a threatening manner and then left without paying. Both officers are normally assigned to Denver International Airport -- something to remember if you ever fly through Denver.

Of course, Officer Cartman has not been arrrested nor charged. Imagine what would happen to you if you had pulled a stunt like this. Where do these thugs get their astounding sense of entitlement? Simple: they get it because they are treated by the political elite as something special, someone who truly is above the law and not governed in the same manner as the rest of us. They can get away with murder: literally.

Had you or I pulled a gun on a clerk at McDonalds merely because we were impatient there is a good chance that a violent, heavily armed SWAT team would be breaking down your doors shortly thereafter, murdering any dogs you may own, and ripping your house to pieces in the process. They may well taser you in the process, if they don't kill you because they "thought" your television remote control was a bazooka. And as you laid bleeding, or dead, on the floor in handcuffs they would high-five one another and laugh about the whole experience.

But when one of them breaks the law in a clear and unambiguous way the politicians bend over backwards to "investigate" and treat the office like a fragile child who will wilt at the slightest unpleasant word. And why do they do that? Again, it is not hard to understand. Cops are not there to keep the peace or protect the individual. They are fully "law enforcement" officers instead. Their job is to do the will of the political classes and protect the State from the people, not protect the people from each other. Since these dangerous gangs of officers are the armed guards of the politicians the political class always treats them gingerly and with kid gloves. They work for the politicians not for the people.