Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Iran simmers, will it explode?

It has been clear for some time now that the government of Iran has the support of a minority of citizens. I have long argued that the anti-government underground in Iran was massive. Many of the people in Iran today were not the revolutionaries who put the Ayattolahs into power and they are sick unto death of the theocracy that stifles freedom in their country. The American invasion of Iraq actually put a lid on this sentiment for some time. It made it less likely that the people of Iran would rebel against the theocrats ruling their nation. Of course, any US posturing against Iran makes the situation worse. Any moves against Iran would stifle the dissent and turn many away from open rebellion. The best the US government can do in the situation is nothing at all. Allow it to happen. Laissez faire.

Here is a demonstration earlier today against the government in Teheran. Try to fathom how many people turned up for this "illegal" demonstration. Note below how the government of Iran is treating their own citizens. The theocrats in Iran are in trouble and they know it. Their responses will grow more desperate and the people will grow more angry. Their day is coming. I wish the people of Iran the best in these trying days and I hope they get the bastards out soon. Click on the photos to enlarge. I recommend this for the first one especially. Study it.

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