Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Wrestlers talk about it all.

Some time ago I reported on the two college wrestlers who had done a little porn on the side to earn money. The University of Nebraska stupidly threw them off the team even though they had done nothing illegal. Both are doing well. For the first time they have been interviewed. I think both of them take the right position. They each note that they didn't do anything to hurt another person. Certainly the key to all moral issues begins with whether or not we are doing something that violates the rights of others. And if one is to suffer sanctions from the state, if there is no violation of the rights of others, then there should be no sanction. The University, as a state institution, had no business inflicting sanctions against these two young men.

Here is what they have to say for themselves.

To see part two click on the link within the video at the end. About two minutes in total.