Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Ah, some more traditional values.

Some traditional values, such as intolerance and bigotry, are alive and well. That must give some people comfort. As part of the continuing protest over the Prop 8 ballot measure cities across California had an event called the Equality Torch Relay. A metal torch was carried through these cities. In Lemon Grove, Ron deHarte, who is executive director of San Diego Pride was carrying the rainbow flag for gay pride. He was assaulted by a man who screamed,"There's no place for that here!"

The man hit deHarte twice and then tried to wrestle the flag away from him. As the man, later identified as Kenyatta Mitchell, 23, begin to grab the flag a local news crew started filming the altercation (seen above). Mitchell realized he was being filmed and beat a hasty retreat. Unfortunately for him it was too late. He is now sitting in jail. Mitchell appears to be something of a real mensch. He's charged with assault and violation of civil rights through force (a crime that should apply to government agencies and legislators as well). But it appears that there were also various outstanding warrants for Mitchell's arrest. He was wanted for trespassing, violation of a restraining order and a weapons possession charge.

The gay pride flag apparently doesn't just upset Mr. Mitchell. In Queen Creek, Arizona a gay couple have been ordered by their local resident's association to take down their rainbow flag. The association allows flags to be flown if they are military flags, the US flag or anything called a "holiday flag." But they told the couple that gay pride day is not a holiday and doesn't count. They do allow decorations to be posted for non-holidays such as Easter. A local blog attacked the couple saying: "If they want to flaunt their preferences in sex partners like that, they need to move into a gay community." Flaunt??