Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Rose By Any Other Name: Rose Friedman 1910-2009

It is my sad duty to report that Rose Friedman, the widow of Milton Friedman, died earlier today of heart failure. Her exact age remains a mystery but it is believed that she was born in 1910.

Rose was born in a Russian village in a region that is now part of the Ukraine. She and her family escaped Russia to the United States and all her birth records were lost in the process. The family had to flee threats of violence because of their Jewish background.

Rose Director attended the Univesity of Chicago where she was seated alphabetically next to Milton Friedman. The two hit it off and were married and had two children, Janet and David.

Rose was a collaborator with Milton on his books. She took Milton's lectures and turned them into the books Capitalism and Freedom and Free to Choose.

Rose, like Milton, was always gracious and friendly. Her gentle manner serves a stark contrast to the vile hate that the bigoted Left has already begun spewing out about her. Unable to refute the arguments these hate mongers resort to smears and lies. (Be forewarned, no such vile statements will be posted in the comment section of an obituary. Common decency at a sad time is expected.)

I meet Rose on two occasions. It was clear to me that she and Milton were more than just married, they were soul-mates. My impression, however, is that Milton was more libertarian in thinking than she was. Our sympathy goes out to daughter Janet, son David, grandson Patri and three other grandchildren as well as three great grandchildren. In accordance with her requests she will be cremated with her ashes scattered at sea.

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