Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Nuts, kooks and Baptist Preachers - but I repeat myself

Some of my readers assume that I exaggerate the absolute insanity that is present among Christian fundamentalists. I do not. Remember, I attended their churches, went to their schools, went to their seminary, and saw them up close and personal. They really are this crazy. And the Baptists tend to be worst of the lot. But these days all of them have gone over to the Dark Side and are getting worse and worse.

The bozo who showed up at an Obama rally with a rifle apparently is a member of this vicious minister's church. Let us make it clear. These guys are not "patriots." They are not for small government. They want a big government, just one that is nasty in different ways. They are not anti-socialists by any means. The are advocates of socialism of the soul. They want the state to collectivize your most personal aspects of life: who you love, who you marry, who you sleep with, what you think. They are enemies of freedom and any so-called libertarian who associates with these clowns ought to have his head examined. I can think of nothing that will discredit the message of small government and individual rights faster than associating with people like this.

One mind-game you can play is to ask yourself how the Right would respond under different circumstances. Instead of a white, moronic Baptist ranting in an empty church, pretend it was a Muslim Imam doing it in a mosque. Imagine if his congregation showed up at a presidential rally armed with rifles carrying signs that implied killing the president was a good thing. If a Muslim announced that he prays every night for the president to die I can bet that the rabid, racists of the Right would be demanding his head on a platter. They would be screaming that Homeland Security, Immigration, or a lynch-mob were clearly not doing their duty.

To be clear, I am not advocating that these vile individuals be stripped of their free speech. I'm glad they have outed themselves so explicitly. I'm glad the public can see exactly how evil Christian fundamentalism can be. These people are a main reason that fundamentalist churches are losing more and more members, especially among the young. People who hate do not create, they destroy. And they will destroy everything they are associated with. Which is precisely why any sane libertarian would stay as far away from these clowns as humanely possible.

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