Saturday, October 10, 2009

Brother Obama's Traveling Healing and Salvation Crusade.

Here's a radical idea; let's dole out all the Nobel prizes the same way that the politicians in Norway gave out the peace prize to Obama.

My suggestion would be that we give the Nobel Prize in Medicine to the Roman Catholic Church. The reason: Lourdes, of course. Lourdes is where the faithful go hoping to be cured of illnesses and diseases. It tends to work with those problems most likely to be psychosomatic to begin with, but has a high failure rate with real problems.

However, actually healing people isn't important under the new Nobel Prize rules. All that matters is that the Church, by promoting pilgrimages to the spot where they pretend the Virgin Mary appeared, gives people hope. The Nobel politicians said that Obama got the prize, not because he's actually done diddly-squat to bring about peace anywhere—in fact he is quietly ratcheting up the two wars that Bush imposed on the country—but simply because he sounded so convincing when the promised so many things.

It is shocking to me how easily conned people are merely because someone sounds good. Obama has not done anything for peace, quite the opposite actually. But he stills goes out on the sawdust trail spewing out the Gospel of Progressivism and the faithful eat it up. Like most tin-horn evangelists on the revival circuit, he's a charlatan. His floozies are corporate lobbyists, war mongering generals, and power hungry bureaucrats. Obama can't resist their charms. And, because he is so deeply mired in sin in private, he has to preach louder, longer and with more fire than every before. Such is the plight of the hypocrite and the liar.

The more he betrays his principles in office the more fervent his sermons will become. He is not going to carry through on his promises, especially on the wars. That is what I predicted in my pre-election analysis of how Obama will act in office. Obama is not the great Black Hope. He's a career politicians who knows that substance isn't important, especially if you sound good. The naive Left gave him the office he holds and he will reward them by sounding more and more like them, while caving in to the corporatist interests in Washington. The more he sells-out his true believers the more fundamentalist he will sound to them. It's worked for every fake in a revival tent for centuries. Obama proves it still works.

Praise the Lord and pass the donation plate, here comes Brother Obama's Traveling Healing and Salvation Crusade. Sure, you'll still have cancer when its all over. But Brother Obama, in exchange for large donations on your part, will give you hope. Normally I'd say that "hope is cheap." With Brother Obama leading the campaign that is not the case. In this case hope is very, very expensive and you will pay through the nose. But you'll believe a miracle has happened right up to the moment of your demise. But, Praise the Lord, you had hope. Lot's of hope.