Thursday, November 12, 2009

He must be Prejean's brother.

By now you must have heard the story of the idiotic Marine, Jasen Bruce, who attacked a Greek Orthodox priest who had stopped to ask him for directions. Bruce claimed, among other things, that the priest was an Arab terrorists who shouted "Allah Akbar," which he said, is "what they say before they blow you up."

The more I find out about this character the more I suspect he is Carrie Prejean's long-lost brother—who should have stayed lost. Bruce like Carrie, seems to be a bigot though he's not sure which bigotry he wants to indulge. He seems to be a liar and he appears to have as questionable a past as Prejean.

You may remember Prejean was the moralistic fundamentalist Christian who has repeatedly lied in public. While preaching antigay morality she herself was found to have posed for nude photos, photos which she had previously lied about. After she was caught lying she said those photos were her entire dive into the world of erotica. That too was lie. A video of Prejean masturbating has also turned up. That came out when she was doing a publicity law suit for her silly book published by Regnery (who I suspect is sorry they published this bott0m-feeder.) When shown the video Prejean first loudly denied that it was her. When the camera panned up to her face she immediately demanded they turn the video off and dropped her law suit. After some further denials she now admits it was her in the video and it was a mistake. Duh! But then Prejean is a master at mistakes. Her life seems to be one huge screw up after another, which she always tries to blame on others so she can paint herself as a victim.

It appears is the case of Jasen Bruce is similar. Let's start with the story of the priest. Alexios Marakis says he was visiting the US to perform a blessing and got lost. He drove into an apartment complex and saw Bruce. So he got out his car and walked over to Bruce to ask for directions. He says the hulking Marine had the trunk of his car open and grabbed a tire iron and started hitting the priest. The priest fled in terror and Bruce pursued him for several blocks beating the man along the way. When Bruce captured the priest he then called police to report he had a Muslim terrorist in custody.

But Bruce, like Prejean, can't keep his stories straight. He also has claimed that priest was trying to rob him. Considering the priest is a little guy, and the marine is a very big, muscular man, that doesn't make sense at all. And Bruce has claimed he was defending himself because during the mugging/terrorist attack, the priest was also coming on to him. The old "gay panic" defense is trotted out to justify beating up a priest.

Really, this doesn't make sense. Each of the claims seems to contradict the others. No wonder that Bruce's attorney had him stay silent at a press conference—advice that Prejean's attorneys failed to give her but should have.

According to the police, Bruce justified his attack on the priest by first claiming the man was trying to rob him, then claiming the man was a terrorist and then claiming the man "grabbed his genitals." Right! My suspicion is that Brue is a moron who just jumped to an unwarranted conclusion that all Islamic terrorists are bearded. He then assumed the Greek Orthodox priest was a terrorist. Then, because he is mentally challenged, he assumed he had to attack the priest and did so. However, as he realized that he fucked up he decided he needed a back-up story or two to justify his attack. So he started spewing those out with little regard to how they fit with each other. Thus we got the "priest as a robber" theory and the "priest wanted to molest me" theory along with the Islamic terrorist claim.

The only problem is that Mr. Bruce is trying all three stories at the same time. Maraksi says that he didn't even get a chance to speak to Bruce before the attack began. He says the marine attacked him the moment he saw him.

I suspect the story of the priest is closer to what happened. However you might think Bruce is no Carrie Prejean. Well, he did resort to stereotyping and antigay prejudice to justify his attack on the priest. And he does appear to be lying and concocting stories up along the way. But surely Bruce doesn't have the more titillating aspects of Prejean floating around in his background. Or does he?

It appears Jansen Bruce has spent some time disrobing before the cameras. He has that same, look-at-how-pretty-I-am look but really -I'm-dumb-as-a-house-plant expression that Prejean had as well. Since we know the Bruce has done disrobing. for a web site that caters to men who want to see other men showing off, we might wonder if there are any videos of Mr. Bruce that will make an appearance along the way as well—which could cause a problem for his military career.

Like Prejean it appears Mr. Bruce has shot himself in the foot. All he has to do is find Jesus along the way and he'll be a folk hero to the Religious Right. Anyone want to guess on how long it would take for a video to appear on the scene (assuming it hasn't already)?

Prejean, of course, artificially expanded her horizons with implants, apparently unhappy with the tits that Jesus gave her. Surely Mr. Bruce wouldn't use artificial methods to enhance his physical appearance. Or would he? According to his police booking, which I have looked at, Mr. Bruce is a sales manager at APS Pharmacy in Palm Harbor, Fl. He also wrote something he called "The Safe Way to Increase Testosterone" which he gave out to people. Since the Jasen Bruce who wrote that also claims to work in a pharmacy as a sales manager it seems to be the same guy. He was urging guys who wanted to boost their testosterone levels to contact the pharmacy which would help them do so.

Note that the drug he is promoting is considered a steroid, which might well explain Mr. Bruce's body, or might not. As a steroid one of the side effects would be mood swings—for instance, you might want to attack a priest with a tire iron, or you might be protecting yourself from a terroristic, gay mugger. But surely, Mr. Bruce doesn't have problems with rage, other than with Islamic Greek Orthodox, gay muggers, so just ignore the 2007 incident when he was accused of getting into a physical altercation with a tow truck operator. This one is going to be fun to watch.

Clarification: Nothing I say here should be construed to mean that I want steroid use illegal or that individuals don't have the right to pose for erotic photos. My point is that in Prejean's case she is a hypocrite and liar who selectively uses "biblical" morality for her own purposes. In the Bruce case the possible use of steroids would help explain his attack on the poor priest and his posing for erotic photos for male customers implies his claim that he was outraged because he claims the priest propositioned him is hard to accept. I don't think the priest propositioned him, he apparently doesn't speak enough English to proposition anyone. Mr. Bruce and Ms. Prejean are just very similar peas in a pod.

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