Monday, March 22, 2010

Despicable Obama Plan Rammed Through

I have long thought Dubya the worst president in recent American history, perhaps the worst ever. That honor now belongs to the vile Obama. Using every bribe possible to buy off votes they have pushed through a bill that is not wanted by most Americans and which will harm health care. The purpose of the bill is to destroy private insurance and ultimately force everyone into a federal health system, a system controlled by politicians for the benefit of politicians.

As destructive as this action will be, long-term to health care, the short-term results will be pretty damn awful as well. All the cheerleaders on the far left, who thought this was the salvation they yearned for, will not be happy when the Democrats are slaughtered at the polls this November.

There will be a lot of rage aimed directly at the cowardly Democrats who surrendered to the intimidation of Obama and his cronies.

While I do applaud the deserved defeat of the Democrats I mourn the fact that the Republicans will surge because of it. The Republican Party will not deserve this resurgence. They have yet to cast out the knuckle-draggers from the Religious Right.

What the American public faces, is a "choice" between Big Government advocates with a moralistic agenda and Big Government advoctates with a socialistic agenda. It's enough to make one vomit.

The one thing I know, I will never forgive Obama and Pelosi for the disaster they are imposing.