Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Worthy of a listen.

I just stumbled across this singer, Spencer Day. I like what I hear. His voice is fantastic and I have to agree with the sentiments of this song. There has to be a better way. He doesn't even seem to have a Wikipedia entry yet.

He was born in Utah but his mother took him and left for rural Arizona, for what he said was an all-Mormon town. Interviews with him brought up the role of the Mormon sect in pushing Proposition 8. Spencer said that it divided his family with "my brothers and sisters mostly on my side of the fence, and vehemently opposed to it." He says he thinks Mormons were "coming from a place of fear." He says he went back to Arizona to try and convince relatives to stop their support for the measure. I guess he was on one of these television talent shows but I never saw it.

Day says that music was an escape for him as a child. He says he was not happy as a child: "But that's the thing... if you go to Bali Hai's in South Pacific, it was always sunny."

He says his mother sang opera and really good but his father "in typical Mormon fashion, was not so keen on the woman making more money than he did, so she got regimented to canning tomatoes and baking. That may explain his mother leaving her husband and taking her kids to Arizona to live.

I have to say I like his style. And I will be interested in hearing more of the songs he has composed himself. Here is an interview with Spencer and some more samples of his music.

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