Thursday, May 13, 2010

Exhonerated but still devestated.

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Two years ago Tonya Craft had her life turned upside-down. It all started when two little girls were found playing doctor. Such sexual exploration among children is widely known to be normal. But ever since the sex hysterial of the mid 1980s the American legal system has taken a completely different view. Children who engage in such things, although widespread and common throughout human history, are deemed to be either victims of sexual abuse or sex offenders themselves. Absurd as it is, that is how the American legal system now views things.

So when these two little girls were caught the hysteria of adults over the issue took control. The girls thus had every reason to try to defend themselves from hysterical parents and said that their kindergarten teacher, Ms. Craft, was responsible. Craft was arrested, lost her job, and had her children taken from her. She had to raise over $500,000 to defend herself, while prosecutors helped themselves to copious amounts of tax money in order to prosecute her. She had to refinance her home, spend her parent's inheritance and pawn her wedding ring.

This is a classic case of something Ayn Rand emphasized: check your premises. As you will see in the above video one woman starts with the premise that "children wouldn't make something like this up or lie about it." Of course they would, especially if they are facing hysterical, angry adults who catch them touching each other. Children are capable of inventing stories, very capable. The very idea that this is the one area they would not do this is ludicrous and just false. But the hysterics make this claim constantly. The result is that if people believe it then false accusations are encouraged and flourish and innocent people suffer.

This is why it is important to expose the lies—to protect the innocent. Of course, this means anyone doing so is subject to false accusations themselves. Such is the price for defending people in the face of hysteria.

In this interview Ms. Craft mentions the documentary Witch Hunt. I again emphasize that this is a very worth DVD to own and to share with others. Over the years people have lamented the state of affairs about this issue. Comments have regularly been posted where people say they wish they could do something about the hysteria. They can! You can! Even something as simply as buying the DVD helps as it encourages more such documentaries. But don't just buy it, watch it and share it with others. The more people who understand that these things happen, and why they happen, the less likely it is that they will happen again. Get the DVD here.