Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mel Gibson: top-notch scum.

Mel Gibson recently had his talent agent drop him as a client. Mel, previously thought of as a A-list actor, would normally be the last one dropped by a talent agency. But Gibson is pure poison.

In a nutshell the man is a vicious bigot, who holds a series of prejudices that cloud his judgment entirely.

We all know of the drunker outburst of hateful remarks he made about Jews. And Gibson has publicly expressed vicious anti-gay sentiments as well.

Now he was caught on tape screaming at former mistress about how she will be raped by a "pack of niggers." Charming, Gibson, charming.

Gibson is a right-wing moralist, who was an ultra-orthodox Catholic who funded his own church. So, like moralists in general, he cheated on his wife, had affairs, fathered children out of marriage and generally acted like a piece of low-class scum.

Long ago I made the decision to avoid all Mel Gibson films because I knew the man to be a bigot. He was raised by a neo-Nazi with blatant bigoted views and he adopted his father's viewpoints.

There is little to say about Gibson that is pleasant. He is a drunk, he has a violent history, and he is a bigot in more ways than one.

Mel Gibson's racist rant, caught on tape, is rather disgusting. I've heard the tape and shut it off before getting to the end—it was obvious he is a very hateful man.

Gibson illustrates well a maxim I have held about bigots: a bigot against one group of people is usually a bigot against many.

People who rant about "niggers" often hate others as well. Gibson's bigotries have been documented to include Jews and gays as well. A paradox of bigotry is that bigots tend to be indiscriminate about whom they hate. Look at the Republican Party, that organized party of hate, which rails against immigrants and gays. Look at the Klan that hates Jews, blacks, gays, and Mexicans. A man who harbors hateful views about one group of people tends to entertain similar views about many groups of people. Bigotry breeds more bigotry.

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