Friday, October 01, 2010

The sickest environmentalist trash I've ever seen.

NOTE: The environmentalist group that posted this video has apparently realized that they were being extremely offensive and have made it inaccessible to the public. However, instead of removing it they have made it so that their members can see it but other people can not. Since it is being hidden from the public I will describe the obnoxious short film they produced here. UPDATE: Someone has reposted it so I linked to it again. I will keep the description below in case they manage to delete it yet again. I will also make a copy of it myself so that it can't disappear down the memory hole.

The scene opens with a British school teacher lecturing children about the great sin of the modern world: their carbon "footprint." She is lecturing them about how they have to follow all the current chic demands of the environmentalist lobby and that they must cut their carbon emissions by 10% in 2010. She then asks the students who will follow these demands. Of course, virtually all the students are happy to do so—which is rubbish. Two students do not raise their hands. She tells them that's fine, that everyone has their right to their own opinion. She tells them there is no pressure. She then moves some paper aside on her desk and pushes a large red button. The two students, a young girl and a young boy, then explode in their seats splashing blood and body parts on all the students around them. The teach then makes some remark about their homework being due "except for" the students who she murdered, "of course."

This is then repeated in various scenarios where authority figures lecture people about environmentalist BS and then ask for a show of hands as to who will obey the new doctrines from the Green Church. Each time they push a button and the dissenters explode into a bloody pulp. It is akin to what a suicide bomber must look like when they explode. This is jihad, environmentalist style. End of description.

I have long argued that there is a strident, vicious, anti-human streak in radical environmentalism. Rarely do they make their agenda as explicit as this video produced by the 10:10 group, an organization pushing global warming fear. I don't know if they think this is funny but it is morbid and disgusting. But it shows well what they think of the rights of those who disagree with them.

You might remember that I blogged about another sick venture of Green loons, one where they invented a game with children telling them at what age they should die. In that "game" they invented a calculator which tells how long you should live BEFORE you become a "greenhouse pig" and consumer more than your "fair share" of resources—fair as determined by what deity?

In that game every player was a greenhouse pig regardless of what they did. Apparently the only good human is a dead human since lives ones emit greenhouse gases. I wish those Green loons, who "think globally," would "act locally" and off themselves instead of inflicting their nonsense on kids. In that game you are "Greenhouse pig". One pig is the child playing the game. As he finishes the game it informs him at what age he should die and then his pig starts shaking and explodes into a bloody mess.

Given how many disturbing incidents that I have had to report on recently, where young kids did precisely that, and ended their own lives, this sort of campaigning by these vile Greens is absolutely abhorrent.

The homophobic bullies in the schools tell kids they should kill themselves because they are gay. These Greens tell kids they shouldn't live since they consume resources. They "should" die because they have consumed more than their "fair share" of resources.

No, it is not funny to have a teacher killing children because they question the Green agenda. It is not smart to tell children that they ought to die because they consume resources. These sorts of messages are disgusting. Given the spate of suicides among young people I argue it is just not funny, nor is it educational, to spread this sort of message. It is irresponsible. Now ask yourself what sort of sick mind came up with these ideas.

Imagine if some anti-environmentalist group produced a video showing evil industrialists pushing buttons which kill Green advocates. What sort of response do you think the Green Left would give to that? They would shriek hysterically that it was meant to intimidate and threaten them. They would say it reflected the inhuman values held by these evil capitalists. Why are they immune from this criticism?