Saturday, January 15, 2011

This one broke my heart.

First, to my readers an apology. Travel combined with a computer malfunction that actually baffled the experts has cut into my ability to post. Good news is that when I call the experts on Monday I can at least tell them what I thought caused the problem and what I did to fix it. Now we must undo the temporary solutions they put into place.

The story today is a brief one, by terribly sad one. I would hope that most of my readers, being a literate bunch, saw the horrendous floods that hit parts of Australia. I want to tell you one story and hope I can get through it without tearing up, but I doubt it.

Donna Rice and her two sons, Jordan (13) and Blake (10) got caught in the floods which came at lightening speed. Her car was soon surrounded by raging waters and the family had no escape. One rescuer attempted to reach but the torrents of water were too powerful. A second attempted and reached the vehicle where Jordan was sitting. As the man reached in to pull Jordan out and use the guide rope to get him safely to land, the young boy looked at the man and said: "Save my brother." He said this even though he knew he didn't know how to swim.

The man carried young Blake to land and turned to go back for Jordan when the guide rope snapped. A wave of water engulfed the car. Donna was clinging to Jordan as it happened and the two were swept to their deaths.

What a bitter-sweet tragedy. Bitter in the loss of someone with the courage and character Jordan, sweet in the love he showed for his younger brother, who I dare say will never forget what Jordan did for him.

Picture: Jordan Rice

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