Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sadly, this is repeated yet again. Another kid lost.

An IQ of 152, handsome and musically talented, Nicholas Kelo, Jr., was 13-years-old when he made a fatal mistake. He quit the football team because he wanted to concentrate on his music. He joined the school band instead.

Once that happened he became the target of relentless bullying by the "macho" boys at school. Boys who would openly spit on him. His mother, Jacqueline, told the local paper that these kids assumed that any boy who would rather be in the band than play football had to be gay. And so the rumor spread. She says that after that "it spiraled out of control."

She didn't learn the severity of the bullying until after she found Nick had used a gun on himself. He was rushed to the hospital, but nothing could be done.

Nick had told her long before that if ever anything happened to him that he wanted his organs donated to others who could use them. His wish was honored, even while his life was not. In the small town of Rittman, Ohio, four other kids have killed themselves in recent years.

Jacqueline Kelo says she approached the school twice to complain about bullying before. Only after Nick's suicide did she learn that many other parents had also complained that their children were victims of school bullies.

Now clearly, wanting to play music doesn't make one gay anymore than playing football makes one heterosexual, in spite of the stereotypes. But, what if it did? Should it matter? Some people clearly think so and they are fostering the attitudes and climate that, whether they want it to or not, encourages the bullying.

We all know the "God-hates-fags" crowd from Westboro Baptist encourages the kind of hatred that allows thugs to justify their bullying. After all, if the divine creator of the universe (alleged) is willing to torment and burn gay people for eternity, what's a little bullying compared to that? The worst anti-gay bullying in school is nothing compared to what fundamentalists say God wants to do.

But, even those who shy away from outright hatred and violence, and who try to pretend they are moderate opponents to the equal personhood of gay people, are responsible. When buffoons like the over-done Jennifer Roback Morse get up in public and make outlandish claims that equality of rights of gay people will destroy the lives of children, they are sending the not-so-subtle message that gay people are evil. She told the Rhode Island legislature that if gays are allowed to marry it will end up in children "shuttling between 3 or 4 households," their lives apparently in tatters due to the evil homosexuals who want to form legal families.

The hateful rhetoric that comes out of the Right is incessant. And while almost all of them would shy away from advocating violence, even those who want gays killed, like Gary North, would say it should be done by the community (with stones, according to him). Most of the less severe bigots merely want imprisonment, or they want gay people pushed into the closet, maybe by spitting on them on the school bus. The point is that once you target one identifiable segment of the public and deem them to be "lesser than" everyone else, you encourage them to be treated that way. If you want the law to treat such people as "lesser than" everyone else, then why are you surprised when your kids do the same thing to other kids who are imagined to be gay, or who actually are? This is the logical and foreseeable result of the kind of intellectual bullying that cretins like "Dr. J" encourage.

Nor can we escape the responsibility of the schools in these cases. Exactly how can a school, filled with teachers and other adults, fail to notice these incidents? If a boy is being spit upon on the school bus was the driver really so clueless as to NOT know it was happening? And, I can't help but notice that of all such suicides that I have followed have been from students at government-controlled schools, not private schools. I don't know if there are hard numbers of not. Maybe I'm wrong. But I would think that with the high percentage of kids in private schools that we should have had such tragic cases related to those schools. So far I've seen none. I'm not saying they don't exist, just saying it is odd that they haven't surfaced to my knowledge.

Then we have this case below. Watch and read further.

The large boy on the right is Casey Heynes. Casey has been the target of bullies for years. Clearly, and stupidly, they got used to smacking him around and him taking it, not fighting back. So this scrawny little bastard with a tiny brain decides to start hitting Casey several times. Casey finally has enough, grabs the runt, picks him up over his head and body slams him to the ground. Fucking brilliant! I hope when the little prick limped home his father did the same thing to him, which is what he deserved. I suspect, instead, the parents whined and claimed their little beauty was being picked on. The video proves otherwise. He got precisely what he deserved.

Now some will say that Casey should have told the school. Right! Sort of the way Jacqueline Kelo told the school how Nick was being harassed. Better Casey smack the little asshole down than go home and put a bullet through his brain. Casey was expelled from the school.

The public has to be unrelenting with the pressure they put on the career criminals who run the government schools. These unthinking career bureaucrats have to know that bullying can't be tolerated, especially in the unfortunate cases where teachers are encouraging the bullying or engaging in it. And when a kid finally defends himself he shouldn't be the one who is punished.

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