Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The one candidate I can support.

I've heard Gary Johnson speak three times and meet with him twice. He's the real thing when it comes to being a libertarian. I reiterate my view that he is the ONLY libertarian running in the Republican race. He is good where Ron Paul is good. He is good where Ron Paul is absolutely shitty. And, unlike Ron Paul, there is no kooky conspiracy theories or associations with racists and fringe scary groups. In addition, unlike Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, as governor, actually has balanced budgets. He has executive experience and doesn't come across like someone's elderly, eccentric uncle.

Here he is telling conservatives why drug legalization has to be on the table. I've heard him tell people we have to cut the military budget and can cut it substantially. He wants the US out of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. He understands the vitality that immigration brings to a country.

Here is Gary having a good time on National Public Radio.

And Gary talking to Reason before he declared his candidacy.