Saturday, June 04, 2011

Family (sic) group warns of Disney gay day.

The hate that the religious Right has for gay people jumps out in the weirdest of ways. The Florida Family (sic) Association hired an airplane to tow a sign in the sky saying: "WARNING GAY DAY AT DISNESY 6/4." One day a year gay couples and children go to the Disney Park in Orlando as a group event. The Florida Family Association says that is an "offensive event." Gay people in the park are called "revelers." According to FFA, the mere sight of gay people at the park causes "as many as ten thousand (10,000) people" to "promptly exit" the park. Disney says the claim that simply has not been true. News reports indicate that "Gay Days" is a week long event in Orlando with different days for different attractions. Approximately 160,000 people come in to celebrate and spend about $150 million in the local economy.

Oddly, the center of gay "revelry" is San Francisco which has as many tourists per year as Disney World. Apparently this is done without much in the way of rides, unless you count the cable cars and when the entire city undulates during an earthquake. But really, those quakes aren't that reliable and people can spend all day there without experiencing one.

What if they find out that Minnie Mouse isn't really a mouse but really has a man trapped inside? I guess that makes Minnie transgendered and transspecied. Imagine the horror. They also claim that 30,000 children are subjected to the horror of 15,000 gay people and their kids at the park. Average daily attendance is 45,000. But apparently those 30,000 kids are coming to the park without their parents. This is Christian math, sort of the way one is three and three is one.

If you want a clue as to how clueless these fundies are consider that they are bragging" MTV's show Skins has been off the are for two months. Florida Family Association supporters' emails made a difference." They brag that the "irresponsible television show called Skins... targeted toward teens and children has not aired since March 21..." Well, they are absolutely right. It hasn't aired since that day, which just happened to be the end of the season. The full first series ended that day, and as is always the case, a new season doesn't begin the next week. Of course, I suspect they know that the three month season ended with the finale on the 21st. But they need to convince their followers that they are effective. In similar vein I wish to note that it is now Saturday and no Sunday church services have been held since last Sunday, so protests against the church appear to be working. Additionally, George W. Bush hasn't signed legislation in years, proving that those complaining emails worked.

PS: I had video of this plane but once again blogger won't upload properly. More bizarre, it automatically claims the video comes from Youtube, when it didn't. So it created a video box saying it was a Youtube video. I find blogger, of late, to be very unreliable and screwed up. Currently, after opening one's blog, you can't log out of it anymore. You are permanently stuck there. It is also changing font sizes for no reason, to these super large texts that you have to change back. If you are thinking of starting a blog I would look elsewhere. If I didn't have years of material here I would go elsewhere.

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