Saturday, August 27, 2011

Republican says nude photos to document weight loss

Part of the American empire is Puerto Rico, which isn't quite a state, but is part of the country, something immigration officials periodically forget due to their lack of education.

Roberto Arango is a senator in the legislature there and a top official in the Republican Party. He was also revealed to have posted naughty pictures of himself to a gay website. His excuse is a gem:

You know I've been losing weight. As I shed that weight, I've been taking pictures. I don't remember taking this particular picture but I'm not gonna say I didn't take it, I'd tell you if I remembered taking the picture but I don't.

The problem with this excuse is that a photo of one rectum doesn't quite document weight loss. I don't have problem with nude photos or even people documenting weight loss with said photos. But really, this is not the pose that one would expect under those circumstances.

Meanwhile, for an update on another Republican hypocrite go below the asshole below:

You will remember that we recently posted about anti-gay Republican Phil Hinkle, a representative in the Indiana state legislature. Hinkle tried to hire a young man for a sexual encounter recently and instead found the young man rather upset by his aggressive gropes and his bragging about his political position. Hinkle didn't want to let the young man leave the hotel room as the nude Republican started fondling the clothed young man. Well, that didn't work out well as the young man fled the scene and the sister of said young man went to the media about it.

Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma, trying to protect the hypocritical image of moralistic Republican assholes (see above) called on Hinkle to resign his seat, as opposed to fondling the seat of the said young man. Hinkle recently meet with a reporter and rambled on for 90 minutes. He admits he offered to pay the youth for a "really good time," and admits he sent the emails soliciting him, and rented a hotel room for the romp he was expecting. But, he absolutely denies offering anything to the young man to keep the incident secret, which is hard to explain after he gave the young man some valuable items to try to buy his silence.

The reporter asked Hinkle if he has done this before, with young men. Hinkle refused to answer saying, "We're not going there." Hmm, I take that to be a yes.

The reporter says Hinkle fluctuated between quoting the Bible and condemning "judgmental Bible thumpers." I guess the problem Hinkle has is who gets thumped. When he thumps gay people with the Bible that's just peachy. When his feel Bible-thumpers thump him, for precisely the same thing, he gets defensive.

He didn't pretend he was in the room for a weight-loss therapy session. He instead says he is now in therapy because something "upstairs in my brain went off that sent me down a road to self-destruction. Somewhere upstairs a button got pushed and I want to know why. People keep asking: 'What were you thinking?' I honestly don't know. It's as simple as that." Ah, no, it is more simple than that. No button was pushed, Mr Hinkle, you just went out and hired a male for sex and got caught you hypocritical fucktard!

Hinkle insists that he and the young man only talked about baseball. He doesn't explain why he was nude to talk about baseball. He says he went to the bathroom and the young man vanished with the very items the young man says he was given as an attempt to bribe his silence. Of course, Hinkle, being the forgiving conservative that he is, won't file charges against the young man for theft. How convenient. But Hinkle will not resign, though he won't run for office again.

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