Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fox Invents War on Thanksgiving

Once again the fundamentalist nutters are out in force whining that Obamam didn't mention God in his Thanksgiving speech. And then some Republican buttwipe goes out and gives a sermon about his lord and savior, blah, blah, blah. The GOP is a theocratic party and that is why I won't support it.

Now, I would have to do some reading, but I'm pretty sure you will find the Pilgrims were a nasty lot of assholes who left England, not because they couldn't be religiously free, but because they felt the King was far too fucking liberal in oppressing sin. Their complaint was that people were allowed to do things they considered sinful and that this was displeasing to god. They didn't come to America seeking freedom of religion, they came because they thought they could restrict freedom of religion and damn sinners more easily without such a "humanist" as ruler.

The Pilgrims were not in favor of religious freedom. You might double check the various other Christians that they drove out of the colony or murdered for having the wrong religion. Remember also, that when these dark, brooding, fanatics once had control of the English government they literally made Christmas illegal and tried to force everyone else into being as sour, dour and dismal as they were. The Pilgrims were a grim, horrible beginning for this country and they shouldn't be lauded. They were murdering thugs with no respect for human rights and human liberties.

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