Friday, December 08, 2006

Gay marriage law in Canada upheld

Anti-marriage conservatives in Canada, preferring homosexual couples to "live in sin" pushed the Conservative Party there to try and repeal the gay marriage law. And the Conservatives obliged -- but in a manner guaranteed to defeat the proposal.

The BBC reports the proposal was badly written and quotes one columnist saying: "Awkwardly written, jurisdictionally suspect and potentially unconstitutional, the Conserveratives put forward a motion seemingly custom-written to be defeated." And they quoted a Conservative saying: "You buy the issue by having the thing defeated."

And defeat it was by a 175 to 123 vote. In July, 2005 the parliament legalized gay marriage but conservative groups, especially those linked to the American Religious-Right were upset. Thirteen Conservative MPs opposed the measure including six cabinet ministers. This vote to keep gay marriage was even greater than the original vote to implement it.

Conservative Party leader, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, said: "The vote was decisive and obviously we will accept the democratic resolve of the people's representatives." In other words the Conservatives don't intend to do anything more on this issue. It appears Harper was merely trying to keep an old Conservative Party promise even though the views that supported that promise have long since faded. "We made a promise to have a free vote on this issue, we kept that promise," he said. A recent poll showed that 69 percent of Canadians were opposed to re-opening the debate.

Canada's morality mullahs are not happy and have issued threats that they won't support the Conservative Party in the future. Of course they won't vote for anyone else either but they said they could stay home. Maybe they could move to Texas!