Monday, December 10, 2007

Armed resistances saves lives in would-be mass shooting.

This blog has argued that “gun free zones” attract individuals who want to kill numerous people. If a would-be killer wants to kill a number of people for his own warped reasons it is best for his plans if the potential victims are unarmed. So gun free zones are perfect hunting grounds. The second component that they want are large numbers of people in a relatively confined space.

With these criteria in place you can almost name the potential locations for such mass killings: schools, shopping malls, and churches are all potential targets. I would suspect many churches discourage or ban members from carrying weapons into the church.

In Colorado Springs a gunman opened fired on members of the church. Reports say the man entered the foyer of the massive church and started shooting. He killed one person and wounded five but his shooting spree came to an abrupt end when a church security shot and killed the man.

The church in question was previously pastored by Ted Haggard who resigned amidst a drugs/sex scandal. Rev. Brady Boyd of the church said he saw the shooting from his office window and he said that the armed security guard saved “many, many” lives by killing the gunman before more individuals could be hurt.

There is little information available but it is thought the killer might have been involved in a shooting at a missionary outfit the previous night. Under “gun free” circumstances this shooting had the clear potential of leading to the deaths of many more people. Disarming potential victims of mass shooters doesn’t save lives.

In a previous post we outlined numerous other cases where armed resistance to would-be mass killers ended the shooting spree quickly saving many lives.

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