Saturday, August 23, 2008

Victim of gropper forced onto sex offender registry.

I have been doing some research into individual cases which are rather appalling. It was a depressing afternoon reading these accounts. Numerous times individuals, mostly teenaged girls, have engaged in consenting sex with a male of similar age or slightly older. When the parents discover their daughter had sex they swoop in with all the fury of parents who forgot what they did as teens themselves. The girl, hoping to mitigate the anger of her parents, then concocts a story of rape. To save herself from her parent's fury she turns her consenting partner into a life-long sex offender

Here is a case where the reverse happened. A young woman, in her early 20s, finds a fellow 19-year-old male student sneaking up on her from behind and grabbing her breasts. She is rather upset, tells him off, complains to her boyfriend about it, and then forgets the matter. But the young man is now worried that his actions will cause problems for him. So he runs to the campus police and claims that she grabbed his crotch. Remember he is 19-years-old, not a child by any means. In a sane world this is case where you tell the two to stay away from each other and life goes on. In America's sexual climate, which is sex satuated while being simultaneously horrified at sex at the same time, sanity is not possible. His complaint against her forces her to register as a sex offender. And that makes her life a living hell.

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