Saturday, October 11, 2008

Girl sends nude photo of self to boy, he's arrested.

In a scary parallel to the case I reported on a couple of days ago, where a girl who took a nude photo of herself was arrested as a child pornographer because she is underage, police in Texas has arrested a 13-year-old boy.

According to news reports the incident took place at Sanger Middle School. It appears that a girl used her cell phone camera to take a photo of herself naked. She then sent the photo to several boys. She is not under arrest but one of the boys who received the photo has been jailed.

The reports do not indicate that the boy did anything to cause the incident and as the sketchy reports indicate so far, it appears the photo was the girls idea. Certainly she did it herself and the boys were passive recipients of a message she sent them with the photo attached. So it doesn't appear that they sought out the photo. Yet, because she sent it to them, this one boy is now facing jail time and possible listing as a life-long sex offender.

We need to remember something important here. These laws were put into place allegedly to protect young people from sexual exploitation. So precisely why are these laws victimizing young people? The young are supposed to be the objects of the protective sphere of the law yet we see that the laws have become so over-reaching that the very people they were meant to protect are now becoming victims -- not to the molesters and pornographers -- but to the police and the prosecutors. The young people of America are being protected by the government about the same way the people of Iraq are being liberated -- they might appreciate it, if they are lucky enough to survive the help.

Someone needs to speak out about the detrimental effects of these laws -- but doing so is dangerous as the real perverts -- the power-hungry who are using kids as fodder in their political campaigns -- will immediately attack opponents as being perverts themselves. They will resort to smear and sneer tactics. But the real perverts are the people destroying the young with their zealous regulations and badly conceived laws.

Note: We now have a third case where a teen is arrested as a child pornographer for photos taken with a cell phone of two other teens having sex -- actually all that was seen was a butt. But this boy faces 25 years in prison. All three of these cases taking place within days of each other. The law is truly getting out of hand.

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