Sunday, October 05, 2008

More lunacy from the God camp.

I wasn't intending to do a follow-up on yesterday's comments regarding the increasingly daffy Jennifer Roback Morse. But the following two cases illustrate what I mean when I say that religion has this tendency turn normal people insane. But I was reading today's various news stories and two cropped up illustrating the same problem.

Up in Canada a Christian, David Popescu is running for parliament as an independent. He attended a debate at the Sudbury Secondary School. One of the students asked him what his views on gay marriage were. Popescu told the students that his view was that all homosexuals should be killed as the Bible commands. He told a local paper: "My whole reason for running is the Bible and the Bible couldn't be more clear on that point."

The local paper says the 200 or so students in attendance grimaced at the remarks and the other candidates sat in stunned silence. Students shouted in protest and stood in protest at his remarks. Popescu, of course, is firm in his views because he speaking for God.

My second example is a letter to editor in a California newspaper by a local Christian. Prop 8, which will strip gays of equal rights before the law in regards to marriage, has brought out the bigots, Bible-bashers and crazies. Samuel Usher, Jr., wrote the local paper begging people to vote for Prop. 8 because gay marriage is a communist plot. He writes: "Not every homosexual is a communist, but the communist agenda is to promote militant homosexuality to destroy the family." He quotes the crazy Bircher, W. Cleon Skousen as a source for his views.

Oddly the Soviets incarcerated gays. The Communist Chinese killed them, Castro imprisoned them in concentration camps. The communist nations of the world never promoted any kind of homosexuality in order to "destroy the family." When it came to homosexuality it would be hard to tell the difference between between Castro and Jerry Falwell. If anything, Falwell was more liberal! The reality is that authoritarians of all stripes tend to hold bigoted viewpoints. The Communists were as represseive of social freedom and sexual liberty as any Islamists or Moral Majoritarian.

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