Friday, October 03, 2008

Raping the taxpayer for fun and profit.

I fully expect the Bush bail out to become policy. It is bad policy but bad policy and Congress go together like salt and pepper.

The politicians have raised their token resistance. Minor changes will be made. Pressure will be put on the holdouts and they will change their votes assuring voters that they held out for the “best” they could hope for.

The “crisis” is one that mainly impacts specific sectors of the economy not the whole economy. And it isn’t as disastrous as the panic mongers want you to believe. More importantly the bail out is not a solution. It doesn’t address the real cause to the problem. People blame the greed on Wall Street but who are they kidding.

Exactly how did greedy Wall Street create the problem? They loaned money to people who were not credit worthy. Those people bought property that was inflated in value. When the value of the property fell and the people couldn’t pay they walked out. Why did greedy bankers lend money to people who were so risky? Because Congress forced them to.

What the Democrats aren’t telling anyone is that they pushed for the very measures that pushed banks to lend to high-risk customers. The banks were threatened with all sorts of legal action if they didn’t help implement Democratic policy -- which was to “increase” housing affordability. Then we had the Federal Reserve pursuing a policy of credit expansion to bring down interest rates to encourage the spending spree to continue. And it did -- right up until the collapse

Greedy Wall Street is certainly involved but greedy politicians were the true creators of the problem. Some like, Congressman Barney Frank, went so far as to poo-poo anyone who said there were problems with the government monsters Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

And now greedy Wall Street is certainly lining up for the bail out. Once it becomes apparent that stupid politicians will enact insane policies of distributing billions of dollars for no good reason, there will be no shortage of worthy recipients with cap in hand waiting to be showered with their share. One could argue the fools are the ones who don’t show up -- they will be net losers in the deal, funding the rest of the greedy mob.

And that is what we have -- a greedy lynch mob ready to string up the American taxpayer. This is how politics works. By the time the election rolls around I wouldn’t be surprised if the average voter isn’t repeating the slogans from Washington and commenting about how the bailout is saving America.

Politics is rape except it is done so deceptively that by the time the rape is over the victim is convinced it was her idea and, in addition, she is immensely better off because of it.

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