Thursday, October 09, 2008

Today I contributed to a campaign.

I did something today which I hadn't planned on doing -- I gave a political contribution.

This may surprise some of my readers who know I have a complete lack of confidence in any of the major candidates. I still have none. I wouldn't contribute to a candidate today but I did contribute to a campaign.

As my readers would know their is a ballot initiative in California to strip gay couples of the legal equality before the law in regards to marriage. And the Mormons and Catholics have been pouring millions and millions of out-of-state funding into California in an effort to impose their bigoted, theological bullshit into the law. Today I learned that they even had people from outside the state working the phones to call California voters pegged as anti-gay to urge them to the polls to strip gays of this right. All this effort by these two corrupt and immoral institutions pissed me off.

For sometime I wanted to get to San Francisco to visit a friend and we arranged for today to be the day. And since I don't expect to have another chance to be in the area for a long time I made the effort to get there. I remembered that the campaign to stop Proposition 8, which is the anti-gay initiative, had their offices on Market Street. Newspaper articles I had read mentioned the building and it was one I knew fairly well at one time. So I took a little time off from my visit to make my way to the No on Prop 8 campaign headquarters.

Regrettably I had to turn down requests to help work their phone banks, which are actually in California. I told them I wouldn't be in the area long enough to be able to help. But I did want to donate some money. It doesn't match the tens of millions the religious nuts have poured in. And, at the last minute, I doubled the amount I gave. I wish it could have been much, much more.

It disgusts me that the Mormons and the Catholics are so blinded by their own fantasies about god, or gods in the case of the Mormons, that they feel compelled to wage such a hateful campaign. And I have to admit that when I saw the role that an old, but deluded former friend, Jenny Roback, was playing in this campaign of religious intolerance, that I made up my mind to contribute to help stop these nut cases. (I say former because after seeing what she is doing I wouldn't want to be in the same room with her and I doubt I could do so for more than one ten seconds without telling her precisely what I think of her -- and it wouldn't be nice.)

Money to a candidate is always corrupted because one has to pick candidates with hundreds of positions and must ignore their really bad or stupid views just because of a few that you like. In this case the campaign is one issue and one issue only -- should gay couples enjoy the same legal right to marry as other couples. There is no other answer that I can give as a libertarian but "damn right they should." I can find plenty of candidates who will say the same thing but they usually ruin it with stupid comments about nationalized health care or their desire to ban hate speech. With one issue to pick from picking the libertarian side was easy as could be.

I hope you will consider donating something as well. Just go to their web site and make a donation. The immoral bigots are not going to stop and they are flooding the state with tens of millions of dollars to strip gays of their rights. If you don't have a candidate that you can support with any enthusiasm at least this one issue is something worthy of support. Help defeat Proposition 8 -- and since the Mormons can raise funds from out of state then so can I, so you don't have to live in California to contribute. Give something today.

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