Thursday, February 12, 2009

The dingbats are out tonight.

When it comes to the Green Party (in its various incarnations) I run across a lot of different types. But one type, which is not in short supply, is the daft, PC, weirdo. Now some Greens are daft but principled. That is their premises are wrong but they have honest, well-meaning convictions which go wrong because their premises are wrong. I won't mention any names but one Green MP I know falls into that category. I respect him even when I think he's wrong and have told him so.

But others are just pure, undiluted flakes. One of them is a new Green MP in New Zealand, Catherine Delahunty. Normally I would just assume she is merely a flake. But she appears old enough that one can't rule out dementia. Delahunty recently gave her first speech in parliament, her maiden speech. It was one of the most trite, PC-ridden brainless pieces of twaddle that I ever seen. The one thing I appreciate about Delahunty's craziness is that it reminds that the Left is just as wacko as the Right. After dealing with the lunatics at the Republican Liberty Caucus it is refreshing to have some Left-wing insanity to deal with for a change of pace.

Delahunty's speech is filled with all the PC phrases you would expect from a moonbat. She goes on about her "ongoing colonial privilege" and the need for "justice-based peace". She says her mother had a "background of privilege and racism" but clearly was a Left-wing activist since she dragged Delahunty, as a child, to anti-nuclear rallies. She uses meaningless phrases like "environmental justice" and speaks of "living with a mountain" (not on one). No doubt the mountain talked to her. Hearing voices wouldn't surprise me in her case. She says "gender equity" will only exist when "mothers and babies are at the center of the economy" --- apparently gender equity leaves out fathers since only mothers and babies are at the center of the economy. How putting females at the center of the economy is "equity" I don't know.

She goes so far as to call herself "a TAB -- a temporarily able bodied person". I see she did not refer to herself as a temporarily mentally sound person -- good call on her part. You are getting the drift. She is a dingbat in every sense of the word. But she left her best dingbattism to the very last. She quoted someone she called "Aunt Betty" offering this piece of wisdom: "The international financial crisis is inextricably linked to climate change..."

Is there nothing that can't be blamed on climate change?

I should note that she claims to be both a political activist and a stand-up comic. I suspect her problem is confusing the two.

PS: One of our readers left a comment linking to this video of the entire exercise in dingbattism on the part of this woman. So here it is. Apparently the transcript that I read didn't quite catch all of it as this "stand up" comic broke into song after she finished amusing the gallery with her overboard slogan drenched. One good thing is noticing that the chambers were basically empty -- I'm not sure they started out empty but I sure understand why they ended up empty. I have put the image below -- I hope her stand-up routine is as funny as her politics.