Friday, March 17, 2006

New poll disaster for Bush.

The NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows Bush pushing new lows in popularity.

This is the third major poll to show Bush at new lows. Previous polls were dismissed by the extreme Right who jumped on the normal provisos in any poll claiming it proved the polling firm admitted they were lying. Of course no such thing had happened and it was merely the inability of the Right to understand the issues.

But the Wall Street Journal is considered a major conservative outlet in the US. So when a poll they are involved in says Bush has hit bottom then the president is scrapping the bottom of the barrel. Only about one-third of Americans now say they approve of Bush. And 61 percent do not approve of the way Bush is handling the invasion of Iraq.

Asked about upcoming election 50 percent said they prefer the Congress to be controlled by Democrats and only 37 percent say they want Republicans. But gerrymandered districts in the US may still mean a Republican sweep even if they get a minority of the votes. Mr. Bush has experience in that as his Democratic opponent out polled him at the ballot box but Bush still won the election.