Monday, April 17, 2006

EU sticks its head in the sand

The European Union has a basic way of dealing with problems that is very European --- pretend they don't exist. The EU won't be able to pay out pensions soon, and its vaunted "social welfare" net is unsustainable. They pretend it just isn't so. Now they have a solution to Islamic terrorism from Muslim fundamentalists. They delete the words from their vocabulary and just assume terrorism will go away if they do.

The EU bureaucrats are a meddlesome bunch and one of the meddlesome things they do is produce a dictionary. You wouldn't think it necessary to have them issue politically motivated defintions for words. But they do. It's one reason that Europe has the problems it does. The EU central planners have their fingers in every pie and now they want to regulate the words that people use.

They want the worlds "Islamic" and "terrorism" to not be used together. Why? Is it because they have discovered there is no such thing? Not at all. The terror networks that continually attack, or attempt to attack, the West are still virtually all Islamic in nature. All the 9/11 killers were Muslims, all the men responsible for the attacks in Spain were Muslims and all the men who murdered commuters in London were Muslim. While here and there other groups, motivated by other purposes, do exist the fact remains that the main attacks, consistently aimed at the West, have come from terrorists who claim they do so in the name of Islam. And the fact remains that all polls show varying degrees, but significant, support for these terrorist attacks but only from their fellow Muslims.

According to this report the EU "is trying to develop new concepts that will not cause offense to Muslims."

Now here is what I don't understand. If there is a large band of Muslims killing and terrorising in the name of Islam, and there is; and if there is very large support for such terror expressed by other Muslims, and there is; and if there is almost no support from any other group then exactly why isn't this Islamic terrorism? How does calling it something else prevent it from happening?

The EU says rewriting language will accomplish several things. First they say this will eradicate "sources of the radicalism producing terror." Excuse me? This assumes that the cause of Islamic terrorism is not a view of Islam from fundamentalists within the religion but was caused by the West. Blame the victims!

Second, they want to use terms that don't offend Muslim or which can't be abused by "the extreme right". Why are they worried more about offending people steeped in a violent mythology than they are about the victims that mythology creates? And don't assume that the majority of victims of Islamic fundamentalism are Westerners. They are not. The main victims are people born into Islamic homes. The hundreds of women cruelly murdered every year in the name "of honor" under an Islamic code of justice are its victims. The gay men and women born in Islamic countries who are being killed every year are its victims The spectacular incidents of violence are horrible and offensive to all civilized people. But such incidents are only a small portion of the suffering inflicted on the world. It is the daily pain and misery that Islamic fundamentalism imposes on millions of victims that is the bulk of the violence that is committed by religious fanatics.

Changing words won't stop such systemic violence from being engaged in by fanatics. Sticking their heads into the sand and pretending reality is something other than what is is won't make it go away. Instead of spending hours trying to pretend reality doesn't exist the EU would better serve Europe by considering what to do about the viper it has clutched to its own breast.