Wednesday, May 31, 2006

How bad will be it be for the GOP?

How bad will it be for the Republicans come November. If you don't have the patience to wait then just watch the election in the 50th Congressional Distriction in Southern California. Now this district is rockhard Republican. In the last election Randy Cunnigham, the candidate for the pro-morality Republicans scored 58% while the Democrat, Francine Busby managed only 38%.

But Cunningham is out of office and in prison for taking bribes. And George Bush had decimated support for the Republican Party through his ineptness, his lies, and his big government policies.

A strong Republican district yet Busby, according to the most recent poll is running neck to neck with the Republican, Brian Bilbray. It shouldn't be that way, not in this district. If the Republicans lose the 50th, even if it's a close race and they win, that means trouble for the Republicans. Bilbray isn't catching on. He is trying to turn the election into an endorsement for the war in Iraq. That and immigrant bashing are his hallmarks.

The national Republican Party is pouring money into the district trying to secure a victory that ought to have been a cake walk. But the "Washington Whispers" column of US News & World Report says: "Staffers from the National Republicans Congressional Committee are quietly telling GOP House members to prepare for a possible loss in the June 6 special election ... The NRCC has already pumped $3.1 million into the race." Much of these funds are being used to wage a very negative smear campaign against Busby.

There are 50,000 more Republicans in the District than Democrats but you wouldn't know it from the recent polls. That latest results show both candidates at 45% with 9% supporting somone else and 1% undecided.