Sunday, June 18, 2006

And the man is in Congress.

Stephen Colbert does an interview with Lynn Westmorland, a Congressman from Georgia. The whole thing is quite funny as this man is a complete idiot. It amazes me how uninformed and unintelligent he is. He is a sponsor of legislation to require that the Ten Commandments be put up in judicial buildings by law. He says he can't think of a single better building for the Ten Commandments. Colbert practically nudges and hints there might be one building that is a bit more appropriate --- such as a church --- but the Congressman has this blank look on his face and simply can't think of one place where a religious code of conduct might be more appropriate than a government building. And the look on the Congressman's face is perfect when Colbert asks him to name the Ten Commandments. The man goes blank as he realizes that he has absolutely no idea what is in them --- he just knows he for them. He managed three and they were the easy ones about lying, stealing and murder. Here is some of the interview for your amusement.