Friday, June 02, 2006

And your ISP a snitch on you.

Again the Bush administration has pushed for greater lattitude in spying on the American citizens. A government that can not trust it's own people is a government that can not be trusted by it's own people.

Attorney General Alberto "What's wrong with torture?" Gonzales wants service providers and search engines to dramatically "expand the government's ability to track what people do online and with whom they communicate." Under the new proposals records on which websites people visit and to whom they email will have to be kept on file for two years so that the government can trace you anytime it wants. The Justice Department whines that they are "only" seeking to keep track of you not read your email so don't worry. Trust them.

Marc Rotenberg of the Electronic Privacy Information Center says: "Data retention is open-ended. The government is saying, 'Keep everything about everyone and we'll sort it out later.'" Jim Harper of the Cato Institutes says "You're talking about a massive transfer of power."

No step towards a Big Brother society is ever taken without some justification, some excuse, being offered. Save the children. Stop terrorism. End illegal immigration. Win the war on drugs. Over and over the Bush Administration has intentionally and systematically whittled away at freedom. They have amassed unprecendented levels of power in Washington and are intentionally trying to centralise that power in the Imperial Presidency.

Never before has any US president gone as far as this one has in implementing the Furher principle. The Republicans need to be chastised and chastised hard come the mid-term election in November.