Sunday, June 04, 2006

Issue to stay in the news

The gay marriage issue will be in the news for some weeks because Republicans, catering to the Rapture crowd, will push it for all it is worth. President Bush is planning another big speech on the issue after ignoring it for two years. He is still trying to claim this revived campaign against gays has nothing to do with the up coming elections. Right! And Iraq was about weapons of mass destruction I bet.

One example of the Republicans are really scrapping the bottom of the barrell in ethics, and for candidates, was an ad from
Republican Vernon Robinson, in North Carolina. Robinson attacked his opponent and used both immigrants and gays as the means of doing so.

The ad plays some mariachi music, just so no one forgets the race of the immigrants he is attacking. While the music plays Then a voice over says: "Brad Miller [the Democrat] supports gay marriage and sponsored a bill to let American homosexuals bring their foreign homosexual lovers to this county on a marriage visa. If Miller had his way, America would be nothing but one big fiesta for illegal aliens and homosexuals." That is raw bigotry. Welcome to the new Republican Party.