Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Do they believe their own statements?

Sometimes you have to wonder if the bureucrats, politicians and thugs that permeate government actually believe the claims they are peddling. Look at this photo for a second and think about it.

Remember the background of this. Breathless politicians rushed to the press room to announce that all liquids would be confiscated from passengers on flights in the UK and the US because of..... as if you didn't know, terrorists! They were going to smuggle liquids aboard the plane to mix and instantly create bombs to blow up the plane. "Danger!" they screamed. It's as if Bush and Blair jumped out from behind a curtain and yelled "Boo!"

So millions of passengers lost their toothpaste, their shampoo and even something to drink. All because the government said the chances of some of this stuff being explosive was real. How real was it?

Well look at the picture of the travel Nazis from the "Transportation Security Administration" are just roughly throwing the liquids into the trash. Throwing! Aren't they worried about explosions? Doesn't the possibility of mixing that stuff together increase the possibility of indvertantly creating a bomb? And they are doing this in sections of the airport where they have forced thousands, and I mean thousands, of peopel to accumulate for security checks. Oh, the humanity! One deoderant bottle mixing with the wrong bottle of aftershave, the carnage would be too horrific for words.

If the risk of allowing people to carry it on board is so high that millions of people are prevented from brushing their teeth shouldn't they take more care in how they dispose of this potentially toxic mix?

And it gets worse. Much worse! Associated Press reported that at least in one area the TSA is allowing a shelter for the homeless to take anything they want from the bin.

Are they mad? Giving bombs to the homeless to brush their teeth with? One dab of toothpaste followed by some mouthwash could blow the whole place to pieces. At the very least it could knock out a few teeth and a lot of homeless don't have that many teeth to begin with. And wouldn't these potentially explosive liquids be toxic?

Of course they would. I remember quite clearly that even the travel Nazis didn't want to stop infants from having a bottle so they allowed mothers to bring a bottle aboard provided they tasted it first! Why taste it first? Obviously because liquid explosives would be lethal and they presumed that mother terrorists with babies wouldn't taste the milk thus proving, with her life, that it was not an explosive -- as if there was ever a terrorist attack from a mother carrying her baby. But say you do have a terrorist mother, infant in arms, who is prepared to die by blowing up the plane. Would she be really that afraid of dying that she wouldn't taste the milk? But if the travel Nazis actually targeted the one group that carries out these attacks they wouldn't have as much power nor the fun of forcing old women out of wheelchairs.

So TSA and the breathless scaremongers in government do believe the liquids are potentially lethal. Yet they are willing to let the homeless shelter take this material for use by their clients. How inconsiderate? Don't they worry they could be sending some homeless man to a premature and awful death from poisoning, if he doesn't blow his head off first.

At Seattle's airport a spokesman for the airport said people understand the necessity of disposing of their bottled water. "They understand there is a serious situation in the world," said Bob Parker. But TSA doesn't! Look at how they are handling this stuff! They could destroy a whole wing of the airport throwing around potentially explosive material like that.

One old woman at the aiport told the newspaper that this "brings the reality of war home." Of course she never thought that this brings the reality of scare-mongering, vote hungry politicians home.

Of course maybe they give lethal explosives to the homeless to play with because they don't believe they are dangerous at all. Surely if the risk was as high as they claimed they wouldn't manhandle the confiscated liquids the way they do or hand them off to homeless shelters for use.