Friday, August 18, 2006

Does anyone seriously think him guilty now?

I have to wonder if anyone, who knows the lest bit of information regarding the tragedy of JonBenet Ramsey can actually believe that John Karr killed her. The depth of his delusion seems to become more and more obvious with each passing hour. His obsession with men who kill girls is actually rather scary and he has lied in the past about this case and himself.

He told his father, Wexford Karr, that in 2001 he was under investigation for the Ramsey killing. This was years before his name was even noticed by the police and the notice he got was only because he pushed for it. Now if the police never heard of him in 2001 why would he claim they were investigating him for this case? His obsession with the case is the only reason I can think of.

And it was clear that his emails to Professor Tracey were troublesome. He sounded deluded in them and he sounded dangerous. He also lied in them, building himself up as a major suspect in the murder of young girls in four different states. Certainly at the time he was not a suspect in the murder of anyone. Yet he told Prof. Tracey quite explicitly that he was. It is as if he so identified with these killers that pretending he was one gave him some sort of emotional kick. Former FBI profiler Clint Van Zandt sid: "I'm not saying that this guy didn't do it. But watching him respond to questions on television was like watching a guy trying to think up an answer. This appears to be somebody obsessed with the case. This appears to be someone who has learned every detail about the case."

That Karr was questioned on television itself is a disgrace. But this is part of the disgusting circus engineered by the Thai police. Shame on them, they disgrace Thailand. I should also say that this obsession does indicate that Karr should be carefully investigated. While the evidence doesn't point to him being involved in Ramsey case it is possible that his obsessive identification with such killers could have caused him to perpetrate such an act later on. One good thing from this arrest is that he may have been caught before that happened.