Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Terrorists disquised as violinists??

The more total, as in totalitarian, measures the Blair regime imposed on airlines regarding banning hand luggage is not only putting discount airlines out of business but imposing "significant lost earnings" on classical musicians according to the UK's Musicians' Union. Violins and other such instruments can cost tens of thousands of dollars. But these delicate instruments, according to the Department of Transportation, have to be dumped in the luggage hold with massive suitcases thrown around by ground crew.

Now anyone who has seen how luggage is handled will realize the dangers here. And the British bureuacrats are promising the new rules will "be in place for as long as they need to be." Sounds like a forever proposition to me -- sort like other temporary government measures.

Two classical musicians from the US are in a quandry. They wrote the BBC about their problems saying they had gone to Europe to play music festivals and return to the US next week but have been told they can't take their instruments as carry on. I assume if you mix the right two violins they could explode! Olivia Hajioff told the BBC: "Our violins are extemely valuable and delicate. There is no way that we, or any other serious musician, could consider putting them in the hold." She said she and her partner are afraid they will have to leave their instruments in the UK instead.

I have a suggestion for her. First, they should take a ferry or the Chunnel to Free Europe. Second, I suggest they stay there. But if they insist on returning to the United States of Homeland Security then they should fly to Mexico or Canada and drive into the US. Last I heard the borders are semi-open and the wall hasn't gone up yet. Of course I can't predict how long that will be true.

The Musicians's Union says some of their members have been unable to travel thus breaking contracts they have and opening themselves up to law suits for breach of contract. I presume the British will be working to reinforce cockpit doors lest some sneak a Stradivarius aboard and use it to bash their way in to get at the pilots. What I don't understand is why, in total disregard of public safety, they allow thousands of people to gather in enclosed spaces with dozens of lethal musical instruments. But apparently if they call it a "concert" then it's okay. But isn't "orchestra" just another word for conspiracy?