Monday, August 28, 2006

That should settle it.

Right from the start the case of John Karr was sensationalistic and smarmy. It had a touch of filth to it along with large degrees of insanity. This blog argued from the start that we didn't think he was involved at all and that he was someone with a few screws loose.

Now it has been announced that no charges aginst Karr in relation to the Ramsey murder will be filed. This blog said the evidence indicated Karr could not possibly have done it and only the DNA could place him at the scene of the crime. The DNA tests have come back and the samples found at the crime scene don't match with his own. He wasn't there.

However, Karr still ought to be carefully investigated for the possibility that his obsession with girls being murdered could have led him into some other action. He was clearly not involved with the Ramsey case. But he is not a well person and may have gone off the deep end and actually done what he was so obsessed with. I simply say investigate him for this possibility. And no more jumping to conclusions without evidence.