Sunday, October 29, 2006

How low will they sink.

The new, disgusting vileness that infects the Republican Party seems to sink to lower and lower levels every day. The Washington Post lists some of the more recent disgusting tactics of the Theopublicans. What exactly is it that causes so many people to find religion and get so nasty in the process? And this is coming from the top of the Republican Party -- the National Republican Campaign Committee.

One ad has the Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives supposedly using taxpayer funds to call sex lines. What were the facts? One of his aides was trying to call the Division of Criminal Justice. Apparently the number was almost identical to the sex line. He misdialed once for a grand total of $1.25. But the Republicans distorted the facts and played dirty.

In Wisconsin the Republican Party ran ads which "linked" the Democratic candidate to a serial killer. So what was the link? The killer had an attorney and the attorney does what attorneys do -- legal work. And he did some legal work for the Democrat. That is the nefarious link that the slimy Republican ads use.

Some pretty disgusting stuff from the Theopublicans.