Saturday, November 04, 2006

And if you believe this I have swampland for sale.

You have to give Ted Haggard credit for creative dishonesty. At first I thought he would deny the drug use because it was illegal while admitting to the sex. Then after a rethink I was wondering if he would admit to the drugs and deny the sex. In his fundamentalist world being gay is far, far worse.But that was illogical since why would he contact a prostitute in the first place if not for sex?

Haggard really blindsided me with his creative “confession” he confessed without confessing. He admits that it is his voice in the voicemails held by the prostitute. He admits buying drugs from the man. But, now he claims he threw the drugs away. Not once mind you but several times. He would go out of his way to meet up with the prostitute, who lived in Denver while Haggard lived in Colorado Springs, give the man $100 to $200 at a time and then take the drugs he just purchased and throw them away.

Haggard confuses the rest of the world with his congregation. They may fall for claims like this. But it just doesn’t make sense.

Why the hell contact a prostitute at all if all you want are drugs. He says he went for a massage. “Right, one massage with happy ending, oh, I see little Pastor Ted is wide eyed and bushy-tailed this morning.” Jones advertised in gay publications. Come on folks, what kind of idiots does Haggard assume us to be?

And this is pathetic. He goes out of this way to find a gay male prostitute and wants us to believe it was only for a massage. Surely they have real massage therapists in Colorado Springs who are a lot cheaper.

If I wanted a massage (and with my stiff neck I’d love one, a real one) I certainly would NOT go to a gay publication and look through the prostitution ads. I would look for a legitimate phsio-therapist or massage therapist. They are all over the place. Not only would they give a proper massage but I suspect they would be a lot cheaper.

Sorry Haggard, what pity I had for you is rapidly disappearing in this cloud of lies that you are spreading.

Next he admits he bought drugs, methaphetamine to be precise. And he bought it more than once since we have two separate recordings of him ordering the drug. He admits it is his voice and he admits he is ordering drugs. Yet, he wants us to think each time he paid for the drug and threw it away. Several times he bought the drug and threw it away each time. Who does that?

Now Jones said that Haggard bought the drug and used it during sex. Haggard says he hired a prostitute but didn’t have sex with him and bought drugs but didn’t use them. Hmmm, which do you think more likely?

Now I admit knowing little to knowing about the drug so I’m reading up on it. I see it increases the heart rate and blood pressure. So it is similar to amyl nitrate in that sense. Amyl nitrate was a drug of choice during sex for men because the increased heart rate made erections firmer. And I see various articles that it was popular in some gay circles specifically for use during sex. Does Haggard want us to believe that is all a coincidence? For articles on meth use during gay sex go here or here.

Now here is some information on the drug that Haggard was buying. It is a “party drug” which increases “the need and urgency for sex and the ability to have sex for extended periods. So by party drug it appears they mean sex drug.

Haggard goes to gay prostitue and hires him. He buys a drug that is specifically used during gay sex in some circles. The gay prostitute says that they had sex and Haggard used the drug --- seems reasonable since he paid for both the prostitute and the drugs. Haggard admits he bought both but claims he used neither.

One other thing about the drug. Users supposedly “behave recklessly” and “become forgetful.”. Haggard was asked about where he threw out the drugs and said he doesn’t remember.

Of drugs used by gay men this is supposedly the number one drug of choice. It is described as “opening the user to previously unrealised and extreme desires” and is associated with “reckless, no-strings-attached sex” -- exactly what the prostitute said about their relationship. He claimed it was purely physical with no emotion. Take this important claim: “Because it lowers inhibitions and produces euphoria, the use of crystal meth can allow those conflicted about their same-sex desires to overcome such feelings....”

Please all this is too coincidental. I don’t believe Haggard at all. My very first inclination was that it could be a set up. It just seemed too convenient. Then Haggard admitted “some indiscretions”. Then the voice messages are clearly his voice. And he is obviously ordering drugs.

When I start adding one plus one plus one plus one I get four. Now here are the two scenarios. The first is the one I think more likely.

A man, conflicted by his gay desires secretly seeks out a male prostitute through a gay publication of some sort. He is very conflicted and finds it difficult to have sex though he very much wishes to do so. So he also buys a drug which is lowers his inhibitions while increasing his sex drive. Using the drug helps him overcome his own hangups about his sexuality. He uses the drugs precisely for the reason he bought it, so he can overcome his inhibitions and have sex with another man. He does this month after month after month. He buys the drug, pays the prostitute and has pure, raw physical sex with no emotional attachment.

In other words he goes to the prostitute for the very reason that most men go to prostitutes. And he uses a sex drug for the purpose that a lot of similar men use the sex drug -- to have sex especially when they are inhibited from doing so.

Then we have the Haggard theory. The same man goes to a prostitute and pays him but does not have sex. He never has sex even though he meets with the man several times. He also buys the sex drug but he never uses the sex drug. He leaves without the sex he paid for and then throws out the sex drug without using it. He then repeats this again for an unknown number of times.

Which makes sense to you?