Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Two TV commercials I would have liked to have seen.

Here are two commercials I would have liked to have seen the Democrats run.

In the first the narrator, wearing a Halloween mask, jumps out from behind the bushes (real bushes not the King and his consort) and yells into the camera: "Boo!"

They take off the mask and then address the audience. "It's election time. You can tell because everyone is trying to scare you. Look at the Republicans. If you don't vote for them they say the terrorists will get you. If you don't vote Republican they tell you the homosexuals will get you. If you don't vote Republican, they tell you the Democrats will get you. Isn't it time you vote your hopes and not your fears."

I think it short and powerful and I think it hits at the heart of the Republican scare-mongering.

And then there is the terror commercial. Again to undercut the Republican tactics. Show the planes hitting the Towers that awful day. Show Bush when he got up and said that the people responsible for this were going to hear from America real soon. And then show a picture of bin Laden. The narrator says: "This is Osama bin Laden. He planned the attack. He's the man our Republican president promised would hear from this country soon. It's six years later and he's still free. Instead of going after bin Laden we got bogged down in a foreign, no-win war. But bin Laden is still free. We destabilized an already unstable region. But bin Laden is still free. Instead of stopping terrorism we made it worse but bin Laden is still free. And then Bush tells you that unless you support the Republicans bin Laden will attack again. He wouldn't be able to if the Republicans had kept their eye on the ball."