Monday, October 30, 2006

Disaster tomorrow! Right, Tony, we've heard it before.

Tony “Chicken Little” Blair is at it again. He is a panic monger of the worst sort. He went on television and scared the bejesus out of the Brits with dire warning of weapons of mass destruction. The net result is that the Brits are playing second fiddle to the con man from Texas and iraq is a worse mess than it was before.

Now Blair is making dire accusations and fake claims about global warming. This con man from the UK went on television claiming that unless urgent action is taken now (ever hear of a politician suggesting anything but urgent action now) the world will face disaster next Tuesday or close to next Tuesday. “This disaster is not set to happen in some science fiction future many years ahead, but in our lifetime.” What pure, unadulterated bullshit.

No doubt these disaster will be found right next to the weapons of mass destruction. The British politicians, second rate minds in charge of what has become a second rate country, want the world to spend 1% of global GDP every year on climate change.

Blair and the scaremongers he hires are predicting floods and water shortages and claiming that up to 40% of species will become extinct. Let us hope that lying politicians are one of them. They say there will be hundreds of millions of refugees -- yes, hundreds of millions.

Now what do we have here. First, expect that all the dire consequences are vastly exaggerated. Politicians are slime. They lie all the time. Both the Left and the Right exaggerate the issues constantly since they know that fear motivates. And since they have no ethical restraints they just make up lots and lots of bullshit and people fall for it.

What do they typically do. First, they take scientific reports and then they look for the most extreme claims. So if scientists says that there is a strong chance global temperatures will increase by 1 degree and a very unlikely chance that it will increase by 5 degrees the politicians latch on to the 5 degree claim and ignore the more likely one.

Scientists write with all sorts of provisos explaining why a theory might be wrong. Politicians take out the provisos completely and present the theory as gospel truth.

Now this we can be sure of. Weather patterns will change globally. How do I know this? Because they always have. We don’t live in a stagnant universe as much as some would wish that were the case. Temperatures globally have fluctuated considerably for as long as the planet has existed. And it won’t stop fluctuating regardless of what we do.

So weather patterns will shift as they always have. And they will cost us. In some places warmer weather will mean longer growing seasons and more rain. In other places it will be less rain and harder growing seasons. Some regions will benefit and some will suffer. Change does that and change is inevitable.

The next thing to consider is that the solution will always cost much more than the politicians claim it will. Politicians intentionally lie about costs to get people to support a project. That is as important as exaggerating the problem.

Remember what we were told about the cost of getting into Iraq. Same principle here. The difference is that the Left hated Iraq and love Green bullshit. So they choose to believe politicians on global warming while choosing to disbelieve them about Iraq. I just assume they are always lying. Sometimes I get surprised but not that often. Once the public is conned into a project getting out is much harder to do so they bear the higher and higher costs.

And the final thing. If the problem was real (and don’t assume it was) then the solution from the politicians probably didn’t help much. In fact you have a good chance they only made things worse. But chances are that their solution won’t solve anything.

If the problem is not real, and there is a good chance of that in most cases, then the solution they offer, no matter what it is, will appear to have worked since the dire consequences will have never materialised. This is one reason politicians love to solve problems that don’t exist. It’s much easier and anything will appear to work.