Monday, October 30, 2006

The Stupidity of Comedy Central Executives

It is official I fear. The executives at Comedy Central are a bunch of brain dead morons who will skewer their own audience. We all know YouTube and that people post lots of short clips from different shows there. What incredible publicity. I will be quite honest here. A lot of the shows that I heard about on YouTube I didn't know about before then. Really. These clips are what told me they exist and that they could be damn funny.

But the morons at Comedy Central have threatened YouTube and the clips are being removed. All the tons of free publicity is being trashed.

Now very few of the clips showed more than a minute or two of material. I thought that fell into the fair use category pretty much as quoting a paragraph or two from a book does. I've used a few clips on this site. Again all short clips. In other words I told the readers of this blog that they might enjoy this show or that show on Comedy Central. But apparently Comedy Central doesn't want me to promote their network. So I won't. The blogsphere will be a less fun place for sure and I suspect Comedy Central will eventually realize they screwed up with this one. So I do not promote Comedy Central. I do not urge you to watch these shows. I have nothing to show you that indicates these shows may be worth watching. So go back to what you doing and ignore Comedy Central. That is what I will have to do.

And by the way, if you wish to watch some of their shows via their own website then good luck. I tried and got error messages saying they don't support any of the browsers and systems I use and that I can't watch any clips they have. In other words they are once again a bunch of morons. The real shame here is that some of the clips were great and worth watching and no doubt would have increased their market share by increasing interest in their shows. But the cretins running the station woulld rather cut off their nose to spite their face.