Tuesday, October 31, 2006

China moves in right direction on death penalty

The Chinese communists have taken a step in the right direction in regards to the death penalty. They have now said that only the top court in the country can impose a death sentence. The dictatorship kills more people than any other nation with the Theocratic Republic of Texas no doubt in second place.

Previously the Communists allowed lower courts to impose the death sentence but they have had some problems. In 1989 they executed a man for murder only to later find the alleged victim was still alive. In a second case another man was released from prison after he had been convicted of killing his wife. She too was found to be still alive.

This is a tentative step in the right direction and should reduce the number of executions. But governments, even those ruled by Jesus Christ such as Texas, still make mistakes. Innocent people are still executed. The communists are starting to figure this out. The conservatives still think of government as omniscient.