Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Republicans loose another state

I know the election is over but just today the Republicans lost another state legislature. They had controlled the Montana legislature until the election. And after the election is looked like it was tied.

But now Republican state senator Sam Kitzenburg says he's had enough of the extremists who have taken over the party. He's leaving the Theopublicans and switching to the Democrats. He said: "I'm a moderate, and there is no room left in the Republican Party for moderates." Thanks to the Christianists the Democrats picked up the Montana state senate.

But what about the house? It was split with the Republicans holding 50 seats and the Democrats holding 49 seats. But the vote counting in close elections continues and one Democrat, Emelie Easton, picked up four votes in the recount. So for the time being at least it is a tie with 49 seats for each party and one race being a tie between the two candidates. But if the tie persists the Governor then picks a representative for the district and the governor is a Democrat meaning for now at least the Democrats also seem to have control of the state house.

Another recount is anticipated so it could go either way yet. But Democratic control of the Montana Senate looks firm and control of the state house is a strong possibility. Another Democratic victory -- I do hope they remember to thank George for all the votes he sent their way.