Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Stasi comes to America.

In a few weeks Americans will lose a right that they have held ever since the country was founded -- the right to leave the US without permission from the state.

The Homeland Security brownshirts have said that all Americans travelling in Canada, Mexico and Bermuda must have US issued passports. Stasi Fürher Michael Chertoff appealed to security for his excuse. “Each of these steps raises the bar to an attack. None of this is perfect. None of them is foolproof. But we’re always better off when we build higher levels of security.”

We are ALWAYS better off with higher levels of “security”! Security, of course, means higher levels of state control. Typical fascist mentality. There is no trade off there is merely a winning formula by increasing state control over the public. They don’t worry about lost freedoms only “security”.

Five years ago a band of terrorists hijacked planes and killed a few thousand people. Michael Chertoff’s response, five years later, is to strip 300 million Americans of their historic right to travel to neighboring nations without a passport. And this would do what?

Let us assume that these new controls had been in place in 1995, well before the attacks were even planned. Would these controls have prevented 9/11? No! First, none of the terrorists were American citizens returning to the US from a neighboring nation. Second, all of them were given government permission to come to the US. They all had passports.

So how would stripping Americans of their right to travel without government documents have secured us from the 9/11 attack or one like it?

And by the way my Democratic readers. Remember this passed with the support of Democrats. Is your party going to do anything to repeal this? Don’t bet on it.