Thursday, December 21, 2006

Imprison the tongue and shackle the brain.

I think anti-Semites are vile. Ditto for racists, antigay bigots and haters of all kinds. And that is one reason they should be free to spew their hate. We ought to know exactly who they are.

What makes these people dangerous? It is the fact that they would strip others of their rights. Behind most hate groups is a desire for authoritarianism of some kind of another. At the core the bigots hate freedom. Be they extremists on the Left or the Right -- they want to control the thoughts of others.

And this is why I’m troubled by the stupidity of Lord Janner, vice-president of the World Jewish Congress who spews fascistic comments in regards to discredited historian David Irving. Irving was arrested for questioning the Holocaust and imprisoned in Austria for this thought crime. Janner applauds such actions. Janner wants to imprison the tongue and shackle the brain.

Irving is irrelevant and so are his opinions. But freedom is important. Janner doesn’t like freedom and wants state control over the thoughts of others. Irving was finally released after serving one year of his three year sentence. Janner whined: “I am sorry that he did not server out his full term.” What a horrid, authoritarian thing to say. Fascism didn’t die in the bunker it lives on in the brain of Janner.

The low-life fascists on the extreme Right want to believe in Jewish plots and conspiracies which stifle “the truth” and Janner is most happy to give them exactly what they want. He is feeding the martyr complex of these twits. He makes their accusations sound credible.

Every time Irving is arrested, jailed, or denied the rights due him just because he is a human being his cause and his ideas are strengthened. Turning him into a symbol of Western freedom only helps the fascists and Nazis.

Photo: That is Lord Janner with the charlatan Uri Geller. One can be a member of the House of Lords and still be a nutcase.