Sunday, January 07, 2007

Girl arrested for wetting her pants.

It is hard to believe this story. I have long argued that cops are out of control and the schools are run by morons. This story contains both elements. A 12-year-old special education student was arrested by police for wetting her pants. There are numerous elements here that simply don't make sense.

According to reports the girl was told by the taskmasters at the school to go into the kitchen and help wash dishes. What the hell! Are children now slave labor for schools? What is going on in Danville, Pennsylvania where this took place?

The girl has obvious problems, hence the special education classes. She is not a servant sent to school to wish dishes at the orders of the school slavers. The girl refused to be a servant for the school official and I say good for her. When she refused teachers called the principal, another moron named Kevin Duckworth. According to the girl's mother when the principal yelled at the girl she became frightened and wet herself. At this the school called the police who stupidly and maliciously arrested her for disorderly conduct. What is disorderly is the entire system of state indoctrination under the pretext of education.

The school superintendent Steve Keifer, who is thus the moron who in charge of the other morons, said: "I think the situation was one where the parents and school officials were frustrated..." Nothing in the press reports indicated the parents where involved. In fact they come across as very unhappy about the incident. This sounds like the top moron trying to come up with excuses to spread the blame around to try and get the lower level morons off the hook.

One of the great tragedies in America is that state schools are run for the benefit of teachers and lackluster bureaucrats above them. The teacher's unions have destroyed the schools and turned them into cash cows for pathetic teachers and even worse principals. Most these people shouldn't be let anywhere near children. If you feel like venting about this kind of stupidity you can call the Danville Middle School at 570-271-3268 extension 3000. You can email this piece of Principal Moron at And Keifer can be reached here:

In such an incident it appears that our Moron of the Week award is a tie and goes to Kevin Duckworth, the Danville PA police department, and Superintendent Steve Keifer. PS: I hope the school board in the Greencastle-Antrim School District now drip Keifer from their list as a finalist to run their school district. Surely after an incident like this they ought not want the man.

The prosecutor wisely decided not to pursue the case. School officials, as usual, are watching put the well being of each other ahead of the well being of the students.